Clothing Allowance Program

Clothing Allowance Program (CAP) Policy


Heartland Credit Union’s Clothing Allowance Program is an interest-free, cash reimbursement for purchases of professional clothing. Repayment of the allowance is done via payroll deduction.  Any employee who has completed their 90-day probationary period may participate.


Acceptable items for reimbursement are professional clothing, dress shoes, dress socks, hosiery, belts, scarves and ties which adhere to the dress code.


To participate in the program, employees need to first complete a CAP Request Form and return to the Chief Administrative Officer along with applicable receipts. Once approval is granted, the Accounting Manager will make a deposit into the employee’s personal account, after which repayment via payroll deduction will begin.


The maximum amount allowed for the program is $500. The employee shall set the repayment amount, with a minimum of $20 per pay.


If an employee should terminate employment prior to total repayment, the remaining balance will be deducted from the final paycheck. If there are not sufficient funds in the final pay to cover the balance, the remaining balance will be converted to a repayment plan where interest is based at our current unsecured rates with a term not to exceed six months.


Clothing Allowance Reimbursement Form