Technology Allowance Program

Technology Allowance Program (TAP) Policy


Heartland Credit Union’s Technology Allowance Program is an interest-free, cash reimbursement for purchases of authorized technology. Repayment of the allowance is done via payroll deduction.


Acceptable devices are: computers, laptops, e-readers, tablets, and smartphones.


Reimbursement must be done over a 12-month period; and the entry period may be done twice per year – January 1, or July 1 only.


To participate in the program, employees need to first sign an agreement to repay the funds, then complete a TAP Request Form and return to the Chief Administrative Officer along with applicable receipts. Once approval is granted, the Accounting Manager will make a deposit into the employee’s personal account, after which repayment via payroll deduction will begin.


The maximum amount allowed for the program is $750. The employee shall set the repayment amount, with a minimum of $30 per pay.


If an employee should terminate employment prior to total repayment, the employee will be responsible for paying the remaining balance from their final paycheck and/or remaining PTO or setting up a repayment plan with the CAO. If it is converted to a repayment plan, the interest would be based on our current unsecured rates with a term not to exceed six months.


Reimbursement Form