Phone Center Task Assignments

Phone Center Task Assignments 1/6/18
Responsibility  Primary MSO  Back-up MSO Trained Staff
Check Card Orders Debbie Michelle  
Closed Accounts/Mailed Closed Requests Gina Gretchen  
Death Notices Gina William  
VISA Applications All MSO's
Return Mail South Grand
Address Change Requests Gretchen Debbie All MSO
State National Insurance Mail Rosie    
Incoming Wire Transfers Michelle Debbie Gina
Outgoing Wire Transfers  Phone Center
Approver for outgoing wires Michelle Debbie William / Adam
Hot carding Check Cards All MSO's
On-line Change of Address Karen Kris Michelle
Check Re-orders Kaila Jenn Beard All MSO
(VOD) Verification of Deposit Requests Andie Kaila All MSO
WWO - MSO Supply Orders Cheri    
Internet Membership Applications Karen Kris  
Internet Loan Applications Karen Kris Kaila
Support E-mail Messages Michelle William Jennifer
TBL & Auto Loan Payoff Quotes All MSO II
Home Equity Payoff Quotes Vickie Moore Lori Jenn J
Home Equity Payoff Cks(except personal cks) Vickie Moore Lori Jenn J
FannieMae Mrtg Payoff Quotes Emily Cris L.  
TBL Payoff Checks-except personal checks Mary Vickie Moore  
Subordination Requests Vickie Moore Lori  
Insurance Payoff Quotes Mary Vickie Moore  
Insurance & Dealership Checks Mary Vickie Moore