Out of Office Information

Any time that we're out of the office, Lisa acts as the point person for anything that needs to be sent over to Troxell.


If a member has any questions, changes, or claims in the Insurance Department’s absence they can use the following contacts:


Personal Lines:                  Sara Williams –                 swilliams@rwtroxell.com –          217-321-3207

Commercial Lines:           Kathy Ohl –                         kohl@rwtroxell.com –                   217-321-3188

Life/Health:                        Lori Curry –                         lcurry@rwtroxell.com –                217-321-3149

Claims:                                  Debbie Wood –                dwood@rwtroxell.com –             217-321-3103


Please remember that these contacts are for policy holders only so please refrain from calling on a member’s behalf as the Troxell staff will not be able to give out any information to anyone other than the policy holder.