Checking Accounts

Heartland Credit Union offers a variety of checking accounts and services to meet your needs, including Basic Free and Money Management checking. 


Our completely FREE basic checking requires no minimum balance. It is a non-dividend earning account, but it is a great fit if you want flexibility in your monthly balance. Plus, you still receive the HCU checking account benefits listed below.

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If you routinely carry a high balance in your checking account, our Money Management Checking Account may be a great fit for you. The Annual Percentage Yields are tiered at $2,000, $10,000 and $25,000. The higher your balance, the better the dividend returned. Money Management Checking Accounts that fall below the $2,000 minimum balance requirement will be charged a $5 monthly fee.

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All checking account customers receive:

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Overdraft Protection

Automatic overdraft protection from your Savings, Money Market, and Money Management accounts allows the transfer of funds to clear checks, preventing return item fees and the embarrassment of returned checks. Checkline loans are available to qualified members providing a cushion for overdrawn accounts as well.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay may be extended to your account. This service allows us to pay a check written on your account, even if it causes the account to become overdrawn. There is a $35 fee applied to each check cleared, the same fee that is applied to any non-sufficient fund check. However, we do not return the check to the merchant, helping you avoid additional fees on their part, and protecting your credit. Click here to read more about Courtesy Pay.